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leland`s fire and freecycle

updated sun 31 jul 05


lela martens on sat 30 jul 05

This might be a good time for me to mention freecycle again. The site,
just about everywhere, that people offer `stuff` they no longer need,
rather than throw it away, or can request needs. The goal ,to curb the
amount of garbage our society dumps on this earth.
Last week, gravel was offered, 3 tons, 2/4s, paint. Someone requested
You never know what might show up!
I was lucky enought to get two books on Irish Archeology and an elementary
on multi-media..Now I have a clue as to what my animation movie making
son is talking about.
I gave away 120 lbs. of clay I couldn`t use to 3 sets of very happy parents
looking for something `real`, rather than video games, for their kids to do
summer holiday. A bag of clothes and a teddy bear to a young mother who
had to leave her abusive husband fast.
Win- win.
So, you might want to take a look Leland, and others who haven`t heard yet.
Google `freecycle`, it will take you to your area. You never know.

Best wishes from Lela, whose where the weather couldn`t be nicer. Sharing a
at my cousin`s tomorrow with eleven Danish visting relatives.