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kiln post positions

updated wed 27 jul 05


Lee Marshall on tue 26 jul 05

In a message dated 7/26/2005 12:14:15 AM Central Standard Time,
What is the recommended position of posts?
i use 4 post per shelf

i know this goes against every recomendation you've heard but here is why it
works for me. all shelves ( except those fancy advancers ) will warp. when you
use 4 posts the warp is very controlled. it always sags in the middle . you
can look on the edge and see which way you need to turn it this firing. i use
a kiln wash of 40 % silica 40% epk & 10 % alumina hydrate so it doesn't flake
off and i can turn them whenever they need it. when you use 3 posts two of the
corders will sag. if you don't keep track of how you post the same corners
will not always be the ones to sag and pretty soon your shelves are anything but
flat and you are using all kins of wading to keep the stack from wobbling.
just my 2 cents