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cone 6 ox glaze tests: photos posted

updated mon 25 jul 05


Andie Plamondon on sun 24 jul 05

I have a competitive show coming up, so today I took all of the pieces that
I wasn't quite happy with (all the 'not quite level', s cracked, 'just not
pretty') bisqueware I had and fired a load as glaze tests. The best of these
will be saved for Christmas gifts.

I have posted pictures of the following:

Ron Roy's Sapphire (tweaked a little) on stoneware
Golden Fake Ash on porcelain
Standard Ceramic Supply's Sea Mist Pre-Mix on stoneware & porcelain
Clayart Faux Shino on stoneware
my Handful of Earth on stoneware & layered
my Andie's Red Tenmoku on stoneware

I fire to cone 6/7 in a Bailey electric kiln.
I have listed the recipes.

(please no comments on the poor forms of my 2nds, these are test tiles)

Now - if anyone knows how to make the SCS look nice on stoneware, or has a
cone 6 recipe to share for a light green, please do. Also - still looking
for a true, vibrant turquoise crackle (photo on the front page of my web
site - I have lost the recipe) and and a nice oxidation oil spot.

To see the tests, go to

on the front page, scroll down to where it says: Look Here For New Pieces
Fired July 22-23! and click that link.

Anyone wanting to swap cone 6 recipes - feel free to email!

I am running a load of final pieces based on these tests, and with a load of
tiles, right now. I'll see if I can get pictures of those up, too.

:) Andie Plamondon
Handful of Earth Pottery
Laurel, DE