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credit/floating blue/over bisque

updated fri 22 jul 05


mel jacobson on thu 21 jul 05

remember, don't quote me as saying i hate credit cards.
i use mine all the time...i just don't pay interest. ever.

floating blue is a maverick glaze. if you depend on a maverick
glaze for your business...find a new reliable glaze. same for shino.
it does not always do, what you want it to do. orders ruined cost
you a great deal of time and money. make sure your order glazes
are reliable. customers do not ever understand...they just want
what they want. it may mean you are working free.

any pot that is over fired, bisque not worth
saving. hammer them.
get back to work..remake the stuff in a couple of hours.
you will mess, fuss and the pots will still be seconds.
what a waste of time, energy, work...and you will still
have seconds. it is time to release the `precious syndrome`.
( you notice that everything in life is now a syndrome....the
kid killed 10 at school because he had `tv mom syndrome`.
no, he was a nasty kid. never anyone's fault...always
a syndrome. anyway.
throw them out...make number one pots. one of the hardest
things a teacher the hammer.

i had four tpots with stuck covers this week.
just made them too fine...tight. so, hammered them. you know,
made for a museum....wanted them perfect. so, just made
10 more. three were racers...but i liked the one that i broke
to bits best. chatter under rhodes. nice.
it will happen next week.
from mel/
for gail's year book.