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credit and cars -longish

updated fri 22 jul 05


Rhonda Kale on thu 21 jul 05

I have followed the discussion about cars,vans and the like. And credit. First let me state I have driven a Nissan Maxima Station Wagon for almost 18 years. Used to do transport for an animal rehab and you can get a big box with a vulture or a ticked off Great Horned in the back. You can also haul some pretty impressive furniture like items and scrounge off the street with confidence...But alas Baby Blue Car is starting to have more and more problems so after the doors malfunctioned and I got locked in on an incredibly HOT day, slithered out into the parking lot out the passenger side, I said ENOUGH. The guy coming over and asking me if I was ok was bad enough-he thought I might be a might tipsy( no thank you sir just P.O.'d). I have had to drive Grandpa's Big Blue Truck-and I hate it-full size GM he hauls his trailer with-like driving a whale pregnant with twins..the turning radius is what kills me-never mind it swills the gas.
Soooo, I checked my credit score(which is very good) and then went lookin' for a new car. I am the new owner of a Toyota Scion-$16,000 brand new-basic transportation-how much bling-bling is up to you- I got cruise control and some mats....wheeee. This thing looks like a Navy Blue Box with wheels. BUT it can haul three car seats for grandkids and if you let the seats down, a heck of a lot of clay stuff/canvases when I have to go and get supplies.The basic package is pretty good and it comes with a Pioneer sound system which is good enough for my Nana ears...When I checked all the ratings it came up really high-even The Car Talk Guys, Click and CLack said it was great. BUT the best part-31mpg in town, 38 mpg on the highway-know someone who get 47 highway.You can't haul a** in it-don't think you can go over 90 something in it-since I always do the speed limit-(I really do)and my son says that "my hamsters are in no danger of burning up..."
If you are a tall person like me (5'8") you can swing in and out and you do not have to twist your back to get in and out. Someone who works with hubby has had two back surgeries and a bad leg and he loves his. Oh yeah-get the automatic-MUCH smoother than stick. And stick to the original wheels-less bumpy.
I originally wanted a truck with toneau cover but the gas is becoming an issue and I think it is a pretty good compromise-I get the space I need for art and good gas mileage-oh yes-the salesman and his wife are artists-she thought it was ugly as a sin till he stuck her 4' x 5' canvas in the back. She's sold.
Oh yeah-credit-it's like chocolate, liquor or anything-a little used wisely is a good thing-moderation in all things.....I think it's basically common sense.
Just thought I would let y'all know about the Scion in case anyone else is interested in something that can be adapted to our needs.

Rhonda Kale
Charter Potters Counil Member
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