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hendley's plan/tony's secret business plan

updated sun 17 jul 05


Chris Campbell on sat 16 jul 05

These two potters are great examples of
people with talent doing things their own
way .... BUT ....

they are canny little devils ....
they work their butts off to make it look easy.

Don't let them kid ya ...

... two years rebuilding a house isn't free and
it is not like those scenes in movies when the
whole place is magically transformed in a two
minute montage ....

.... you don't get enough work to sell 24/7
without keeping your tush in the seat when you
would rather be somewhere cooler ...

... you don't fire a wood or gas kiln in the summer
by remote control ... you sweat and curse and
wish you were finished ... and then the kiln decides
to hold for a while ... and you are tired ... and no
you don't want to split another log ...

.... you write another newsletter ... you chat with a
drop in customer who does not buy ... you pay bills ...

... clay does not mix itself ... local ingredients do
not discover themselves ...

The biggest difference between pros and amateurs
is the pros do the job whether they want to or not.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - off on vacation now
so ya'll place nice and I'll catch up later. Cheers!!

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