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making safes!

updated sat 16 jul 05


clennell on fri 15 jul 05

Tom Wirt wrote:
Read that to say, they're buying what they need for presents and gifts, but
not much for themselves.

Tom: Maybe you're not making work that your customers want to collect of
yours. Don't tell anyone this but I would never buy pottery or any kind of
art for a wedding gift. I'd give wine or cash! I think art/craft is too
personal. i don't want anyone picking a pot for me or a painting. I can
hardly pick for Sheila and I know her better than anyone and even then I get
it wrong.
Maybe after 11 years ya got to use those hard learned skills to make them
something special. Not just one of a grouping of 40 that you made. Gifts for
wedding presents are usually safe gifts- safe, rarely cutting edge, liked by
the masses. Gifts for ourselves are usually more daring, more sophisicated,
more individual.
So you see a bit of time on Clayart is a good thing. I've got ya thinkin'
don't I?
Hug your bride for me.
P.S If you're going to be experimental remember to keep a safe in your

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