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dissection tool -- just forget it already!

updated sat 16 jul 05


Lauren Bellero on fri 15 jul 05

well i tried twice but those zooming longsnoots are
even rarer than first expected.
the second of the 2 attempts at replacing
the one piece stainless steel version
was also disppointing. too fat. just
like a regular pin tool (but at least
they are cheaper --when bought in bulk-- especially
the ones logan mentioned)

here is a picture of the comparison of the original
and the plastic handle version.

guess i'll have to work harder at training
the one remaining longsnoot i have. maybe regular slip
baths with an occasional chamois rub will coax
it's loyalty...

help this endangered species
send your contributions care of:
"save the zooming longsnoots"
to the address below

Mudslingers Pottery, Lauren Bellero
39 Leroy Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701