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temperature conversions

updated thu 14 jul 05


Edwin Mighell on wed 13 jul 05

Re: Temperature conversions in the Discussion Board

I noticed that "Alisa in Denmark" is using the wrong numbers when
referring to descrete temperatures. When temperature rates such as 100
degrees Celsius per hour is converted to Fahrenheit, the 32 is not
added. 100 degrees celsius per hour is 180 degrees Fahrenheit per hour,
not 212. The 212 number is right if she is talking about a thermometer
temperature, but not if comparing rates. She is using a conversion
formula that doesn't know the difference.

Has anyone mentioned it to Alisa?

I'm learning ceramics as it relates to printing and having a lot of
fun. Heat and mass transfer was my favorite class in graduate school.

Thanks for all the wonderful posts.
Anchorage, Alaska