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sii la jeunesse.....

updated wed 13 jul 05


Lili Krakowski on tue 12 jul 05

A dear friend, R., once told me how furious her mother was when she (R)
joined the Barnard [College] Radical Club. "What did they advocate?" I
asked. This in 1954. "Women's suffrage!" THAT in 1916

The Flappers were all going to hell for smoking in the street, showing their
knees, and, it was rumored, not necessarily being virgins on their wedding

My generation was doomed for cursing, wearing trousers, definitely believing
in Free well as desegregation.

The Hippies, or Flower Children were beyond the pale for ...well, THAT,
Sweetie Pies, we all remember!

Pierced and Tattooed Ones! As much as I lament what you are doing to your
skins, as much as I realize that the perfect humming birds now tattooed on
your perfect breasts, will look like roadkill in 50 years, I CHEER YOU!

You may be irritating and obnoxious, and I wish you took your hats off
indoors, as much as I wished your parents wore shoes in the street in THEIR
heyday--care about no tradition except work, honest hard work, the kind of
work that makes a craftsman and which a craftsman makes.

And if you do not know this tradition, or that tradition, and there are far
more traditions than the Leach one, there will be that day of inner hunger
orphans feel--and you will look and you will find your "spiritual parent."

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage