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continuous kiln operation

updated wed 13 jul 05


Wes Rolley on tue 12 jul 05

Nature is wonderful. It is always coming up with a surprise. The most r=
that I have heard of is in the Los Padres National Forest, NE of Santa Ba=
CA. Last year, there was a brush fire in the Dick Smith Wilderness Area o=
f the
Los Padres National Forest. Investigation showed that the case was a "ho=
t spot"
in the dirt. Since then, the temperatures on the surface have been measu=
red at
>400 deb. F. Under the surface, over 500 deg. F.

According to scientists:
- it is not a volcano.
- there are no hot springs.

There are only fumeroles and a lot of heat.

The local CBS outlet news rant the story and you can watch it here: if you have Flash 7 sup=
port with
your browser.

If they figure out what this really is, would it get hot enough to melt =
shino? Could you really have a continuous operation kiln? Lots of
possibilities before the Roswell folks grab the story to prove that we ha=
ve had

"I find I have a great lot to learn =E2=80=93 or unlearn. I seem to know =
far too much
and this knowledge obscures the really significant facts, but I am gettin=
g on."
-- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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