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fair news and blind warthogs

updated tue 12 jul 05


Lili Krakowski on mon 11 jul 05

Congratulations, mazel tov etc to Sheila, Tony, and Richard.

You deserve tubs of champagne, crowns of laurels, pots of $.

All 3 of you are distinguished potters who know eggzaktly what shows are
about. My 'Just say no' post was not addressed to you, but to all those out
there still trying to make it. It seems to me $100 fee for a student is
outrageous, just as the amazing fortunes students need to spend on
graduation exhibitions are.

A local woman was hit by unbearable and terrible misfortune. She decided to
move far away. In her new state she bought a lottery ticket and won the
state lottery.

Lesson learned. Sometimes good things happen to good people.

But when one considers ONE Sheila ( u.c. S, you Aussies!) ONE Tony, ONE
Richard out of all those who applied....

Lili Krakowski

who once put a quarter into the office baseball pool