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dissecting needles as pin tool

updated tue 12 jul 05


Lauren Bellero on mon 11 jul 05

finally got it straightened out!
for the .00528% of you that may be intersted :-)
(SO much cheaper than a dolan knife for cutting
slabs and general pin tool use! and, IMHO, also
so much better!)
you might want to try these:|98|958|162

item # 62-7220 plastic handle

i would prefer the one piece stainless steel version, but they
do not make them anymore (at least at this company). these
are only .90 each (plus shipping, which of course is several
times more than the tools themselves!) so buy a bunch cause
these lightweight ones may be even easier to loose!
i just hope they are as good as my original
loved ones, but for a buck, they are worth a try.

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