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shows: just say no!

updated mon 11 jul 05


Lili Krakowski on sun 10 jul 05

Think a moment on this.

What if someone held a show and no one showed up?

Since Mel kindly posted my anti-show rant I have received (among the lottery
winnings, the Nigerian investments, and the viagra offers) LOTS of posts
that say "I liked your rant because..." and told tales of being
(essentially) robbed.

If everyone just said NO to those shows that do not return entry fees,
charge more than $10 as entry fee, those show organizers would learn

I dislike people getting snookered. I am tired of people being sweet-talked
into thinking unless you enter/get into national shows you are a bad person,
bad potter, loser etc.

Edmund Wilson had a card (I actually saw it) he sent out to people who
wanted him to read their MSs, write reviews and so on. It said: Mr Wilson
does not...etc.

We need to reply to those entry forms with : X does not enter shows with
entrance fees/booth fees over $....Further than 5 miles from home...etc.
Retry shows that rejected me once ....

I do NOT think these things broaden understanding of pottery among the
general population. Maybe schoolkids get taken there, because the zoo is
closed because the giraffes have the flu. Maybe people go there because it
is raining.

BUT they do not mill about spending $ as they do at pottery selling shops in
the Mall.

McLuhan and all that--the technology has overwhelmed the reality. People do
NOT go to where It Is, they go on the Internet. Probably the next "shows"
will be on e-Bay or similar.

Let's teach the worms to turn!

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage