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updated mon 11 jul 05


Richard Aerni on sun 10 jul 05

Hello everyone,
Just got back from a show this weekend, and am happy to report that it was a
very good one for me. It has been some time since I have been able to say
this, and I don't necessarily expect it to continue, but it is greatly
reassuring to experience it again. I met a couple of Tony Clennell's famous
"collectors", and they did indeed pick out my best work, praise it lavishly,
then buy it at the price marked. Not only that, they had us over for drinks
and conversation after the show ended.
Anyway, I read clayart via the archives, which is more maneageable for me
than the other options. Coming back in and checking through the hundreds of
postings (very quickly, I might add), I see there has been quite a lot of
squabbling of late. It's a bit distressing, but I also must add, that when
I see trouble brewing in a thread, I avoid it like the plague. There's
nothing to be gained in rubber-necking at someone else's traffic accident.
Life is too short, and there are too many other things to do (including
making pots) to spend any time arguing about word meanings, derivations, who
called who what, etc, etc, etc. To feel good about what you do, you've got
to do it.
OK, soapbox has been pulled out from under me...
I've got to process the proceeds, and get ready for the next trip.
Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY