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stainless pins in castable

updated sun 10 jul 05


mel jacobson on sat 9 jul 05

castable comes with or without pins.
or, wherever castable is can
buy bags of stainless pins.
add your anything you want.
smith sharpe in st paul has everything one would need.

it is very hard on your hands if you add it
to your throwing clay.

when kurt made the tops for our train kiln..(now gone)
he just added the pins to the cast mix. (old cement mixer.)
poured the mix into molds..pounded it down in place.

you can ram castable into place with a board, 2x4 end..whatever.
it does not have to be some exoctic tool.
throw it with force, hit it with a 2x4. it is easy stuff to work with.
just messy.
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