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origin of the word saggar ; was: paying the piper

updated sat 9 jul 05


Lee Love on fri 8 jul 05

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> 1 you are not worth bothering with as you

Oh dear! Elizabeth, I try to keep the personal stuff off the
list. If we just get back on topic, then we won't bother the list
will this stuff.

Here is my contribution. Related to the
entomology of the word saggar:

Dennis Krueger writes: "/Saggar./ /Saggar/ seems to be a corruption of /safeguard."

/Doesn't this seem a little far fetched?

Previously, Rick Mahaffey shared with us that the Japanese term is Saia. I looked this up a while ago, and it means "sword sheath." Which seems like a similar function as a saggar that protects a pot. Someone objected to this because they said the book they were looking at puts the Japanese useage later. But I don't know how accurate the reference was.

I found something new in an Indian dictionary ( ),
that wasn't included in the past discussion:

sagr.a_ bullock-cart (B.); sagar.a (Or.); saggar.ia_ driver of a cart
(Or.); sa_gar., saggar.a_ smaller cart (Bi.); sagar. (Mth.); saggar.,
sagar. cart; sagr.i_ small cart

Could a ceramic container used to protect the work
from the flames of the kiln have some relationship to a bullock cart?

Lee In Mashiko, Japan