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facsimiles of rare ceramics books

updated sat 9 jul 05


Steven Goldate on fri 8 jul 05

Over the years and in the course of my research into the history of pottery, I have acquired a few out-of-print, rare pottery books. These books are quite old, 100-150 years or more and copyright has long expired on them. They are quite rare and unlikely to be available in your average library, or even in a good university or art college library. You can still find some of them online with used booksellers. Prices range from US$ 20 to US$ 1,000.

As a service to academics and other interested researchers, I am offering low-cost, ring-bound facsimile copies of the titles below. Please note that I am charging a small fee, only to cover costs of photocopying, binding and postage. If you are interested in any of these titles, please email me at for more info.

Best wishes to all,

# Charles F. Binns, The Story of the Potter, George Newnes Ltd., London, 1898
# Samuel Birch, History of Ancient Pottery, John Murray, London, 1853
# William Burton, Porcelain, Its Art and Manufacture, Batsford, London, 1906
# Taxile Doat, Grand Feu Ceramics, Keramic Studio Publishing Company, New York, 1905
# C. Drury Fortnum, Maiolica (Abridged), Chapman and Hall, London, 1875
# John Henniker, Two Letters on the Origin, Antiquity, and History of Norman Tiles, John Bell, London, 1794
# Joseph Marryat, A History of Pottery and Porcelain, Medieval and Modern, John Murray, London, 1857
# CharlesShaw (An Old Potter), When I Was a Child, Methuen, 1903

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