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updated thu 7 jul 05


mel jacobson on wed 6 jul 05

i have spoken before...often, on this topic.
(my educated opinion.)
if you are a working potter, save your time and money.
make pots. sell the ones you were going to send to that show.
your customers will never care at all if you
win contests or get in shows. `how much is that
red plate over there? or that big teapot..` got to get to
that you wrap? `
but, if you are ever invited, asked
to show...ship that day. never turn down a chance when they want you.
not that many chances in this world to be accepted by your fellow potters.
tony and sheila participate in a few shows...but it seems they are
invited or it is critical to his/her profession. that is choice.
they don't do it for fun and ego. it is calculated as a business
decision. same for me.

i have a friend that thinks i should be in the `cherry creek` art
fair. it is the last thing i want to do with my fact...i bet
i would never make the first cut. not nearly slick enough for that
crowd. i know that. then haul a trailer full of pots to denver. that
would never make the bottom line work for me.

if you are on a tenure track at a college or university,
you had better get cracking to get in as many shows and
magazines as possible. your future dictates that.
you are locked into institutional art. it had better look
like the judges want and need....or you will not get in.
this is not for the faint at heart, or those that think the world
is fair.

if you are a home based potter...just getting going....
well, save your time...make pots...learn to get
a show will only bathe your ego.
but, that may be important to you...if it is...go for it.
can't hurt anything. but, shows and shipping gets very expensive.
if you think society owes you a living or a gold medal... get another vocation,
pots won't do it.
from mel/