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updated thu 7 jul 05


Elizabeth Priddy on wed 6 jul 05

My only problem with chinet/paper v/s plastic is
that the styro comes in prettier freestanding bowls.

The chinet is usually a little layed out for me. And if
the kids are rough with them, sometimes the bowls
come off wonky. I use the styro over and over and the
paper tends to be one use only.

small coffee cups are good too. If you are using
traditional firable clay, they make an excellent
toothbrush/bathroom size cup for the kid.


I called them rice bowls mainly to keep the snoot factor off
the project, but you are right in a sense.

A tea bowl would need to be with fairly perpendicular walls,
but a SUMMER tea bowl is, in fact, a low shallow bowl designed
to cool the tea faster.

So the project is good for either. In fact, once you learn to use
a rib in the manner indicated, I can't think of much you could
not make with the appropriate rib, but that is what the rest of
the DVD is for.

All you testers get back up with me with pictures. I have seen some
exciting results so far.

primalmommy wrote:
Elizabeth, I love to use those "chinet" pressed paper bowls and plates
for hump/slump kid projects. Not only does the unsealed paper fiber
surface allow the clay to dry without sticking, but they are sturdy
enough to stack projects in a shallow box or on boards for transport if
they are being hauled home for firing.

And the whole mess can go into the wood stove or compost. Sadly, they
are harder and harder to find, with most stores carrying plastic, styro
or plastic-lined instead.

Kelly in Ohio

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