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first craft fair

updated wed 6 jul 05


Pfeiffer, Dan R (Dan) on tue 5 jul 05

Well we survived our first craft fair.We may even do more than one. The
short story:

Storm broke pots, but not tent,
slow sales for all, but we did make expenses and a bit more.
Hot, hot hot HOT........very long days.

The good news was the other craft people were great, We meet some of Vince's
students who were doing very nice work and some folks making baskets that
live a few miles away. You really can tell when a potter came by, this first
thing they do is pick up a pot and check how even the walls are., not
that I would do this, Vince's students were all very thin and even, much
better than ours. One thing I will change on the next show is to put the
best,newest, pots out front.

I am not ready to quit my day job just yet but there is hope is a few

Dan & Laurel in Elkmont Al
Potters Council Members