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as simple as possible..."if magazines were to be respectable"...

updated wed 6 jul 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 4 jul 05

No ads at all.

The premis being, that the subject matter as-such, is considered to be =
of sufficient interest or value to a Readership, or, implicitly, or, of =
sufficient value to have published at all, or, that the Readership is of =
sufficient value TO the Magazine, for it to require no overt subsidy to =
exist or conflict or subvert it's interests otherwise. The entire ethos =
and mood expresses the belief, that it is worth doing, for what it is.

Subscriptions, simply, would pay for the costs of production and =
Mailing, and=20
provide reasonable profits for the remuneration of those who produced =
it, and for the care and mantainance of the means of produceing it.

Many fine Magazines used to exist this way, and enjoyed a popularity and =
admiration amid their readership.


Advertisement or Sponsors would be explicitly endorsed by the Magazine =
as complimentary, meritorious and sincere. And it would be understood =
that the advertisers or sponsors by placeing mentions of themselves, =
explicitly endorse and applaud the efforts and aspires of the Magazine. =
And, are endorsed and applauded by the Magazine for what they do, and =
clearly, not 'merely' because they paid for an 'ad'.

A small section also would be devoted to those products or services =
known to the Editors, who are meritorious, complimentary to the ethos of =
the Magazine, and not advertiseing in it.

The kinds of advertisements as would occur, would be simple, clean, and =
maybe even 'text-only', and be short. They too would presume a literate =
and interested readership able to pay to understand.

And be 1/4 page at most, in size. All ads would cost the same, and all =
would be 1/4 page. Or, respectively rated in cost, some 1/4 page, and =
some 1/8 page occuring in that order, or all 1/8 page even, as may =
be...but no smaller than 1'8th, and no larger ever than 1/4 page...and, =
allways, they would be in the back, in their own section with it's own =
title of "Our Advertisers and Sponsors whom we thank for their offerings =
of support, and for their offering of meritorious products or services =
which we believe are compliements to our own efforts here, etc, yours, =
the Editors" etc...

And all remuneration or financial endorsement of the Magazine from =
Advertisers would be 'reasonable' and all would be carefully sincere =
from the erudition of the Editors or Publisher as for the merit and =
sincerity of the product, service or concern offering something in an =
advertisement. And simple short polite mentions made also, would occur, =
of Sponsors who have nothing to sell or offer other than their support =
and financial contributions to the Magazine, assumeing such were to =
exist to be mentioned.

The inside front Cover would be 'blank' and no advertisement would occur =
on it.

The inside rear Cover would be 'blank' and no advertisement would occur =
on it.

The outside rear Cover would be 'blank' and no advertisement would occur =
on it.

Rather, some credo or motto or emblematic vignette or device, poetically =
or metaphorically or however germain to embody or allude to the ethos of =
the magazine, could occur on the rear cover, and simply.

Front Cover would be text, simple, maybe a boarder, or small devices or =
vignettes, and show the name of the Magazine, and the number it is in =
what Volume it is, in it's sequence of issuance. If thick enough, the =
Spine would show likewise. merely basic manners.

Merely basic good form.

Like that.

Many fine Magazines used to exist this way, and enjoyed a popularity and =
admiration amid their readership.

And all the color Images or Articles or how-to-articles, or =
retrospecives or biographies of the famed or obscure, or examplars of =
whatever, or tours of foreign how-tos or what-is and so in, inside, as =
they wish to have. Free and cleanly and entirely free, of any =
advertisements amid them. As if they mattered enough for being respected =
for what they have to offer as themselves, as articles and forays and =
images and so on.

With all polite mentions of Advertisers being in the back, in their own, =
in effect, 'reference' section, there is no ambiguity as just what the =
ethos or the 'real' content 'is'...or is really about.

This is manners...

This is patience...

This is faith on one's Readership...

This is self respect...and respect for one's Readership, and, for one's =
Supporters, Sponsors and elect of Advertisers.
And, would be respect for the Art or the Craft, of Publishing a =
Magazine, as if it was worth doing for itself, as itself.As if the =
Publisher believed it is worth doing, at all.

All in harmony, all in positive co-operation...all in compliment, all in =
a nice, unambiguous clean order which is it's ethos and integrity and =
aspire to have, and, to keep.

Like that...

That's my pitch, that's the "rant" framed 'positively'...


Las Vegas