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fotos from aberystwyth

updated wed 6 jul 05


Pat Southwood on mon 4 jul 05

Hi May.
I went to see if you had any of Matsusaki Ken, but i could'nt find your =
photo's from the link.
What am I doing wrong?- I'd love to see them.

Glad you had a good time.

My students and I listened to Live8 while we were waiting for the kilns =
to heat up at a Raku day,
It was a good firing. I tried horsehair firing for the first time, - =
cool ! - if smelly.

I also put a copper slip on a pot and then put a copper glaze on top and =
reduced it.- Totally chavtastic and well bling.=20
If one likes that sort of thing - ;-]=20

(My 13rd old son decided today that a rural chav is a chaff, which I =
thought was quite funny and the word is in my head). =20

Did you go to Ceramicart London ? if so what did you think ?

Best, Pat Southwood

May Luk on tue 5 jul 05

Hiya Pat;

There are total of 6 pages of photos. At the bottom of the page is where
you can navigate to the other pages. I have a few of Matsusaki Ken. I
went to his demo. He's very good. He worked his kick wheel with a bare
foot. His chawans are like sculptures and he treats them as such. It's a
pity I didn't buy his DVD. I have to watch my budget. The link again for
the photos.

I was away when the Ceramic art London was on. I was told it was a top
notch show - if you have to rate it with the other
pottery/ceramics/craft selling shows.


Lee Love on tue 5 jul 05

May Luk wrote:


May, thanks for the photos!

What did Matsuzaki throw his tea bowls on?

Lee Love
in Mashiko, Japan Visual Bookmarks Zen and Craft

"We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep."

-- Prospero The Tempest