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dilek's exhibition/firing performance

updated fri 1 jul 05


dilek aydincioglu on thu 30 jun 05

We are inviting you for the oppening of our group show 'Clandestine'
and 'Open Fusion' firing performance in Istanbul.

Open Fusion

In the art of ceramics, beyond the finished form itself, there is also
a value of performance in the firing technique. A kiln that will be
placed in the middle of Istanbul and a clay form standing in the heart
of it, is an image that will be carried out to the streets by one of
the artists of "Clandestine" exhibition, Dilek Aydincioglu. Inspired
by the old Japanese tradition Raku glaze firing, along with the story
of clay transforming into ceramics, we'll be experiencing the
'Collective Existence' by the sound of inner fusion and its absolute