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can you identify this tool?

updated fri 1 jul 05


Rhonda Kale on thu 30 jun 05

I believe that your tool is a dental took that is used to clean your teeth. I haven't seen one used at the dentist like that in years. They mainly use the disposable/machines now. They used them to scrape around the top and between your teeth. I have one and I use it for fine detail. The reason I think it is a dental tool is because when I found it, it had the little mirror with it. It is wonderful for fine lines. Every so often I take a piece of fine sandpaper and sort of clean off/sharpen the end. I have some of these that are plastic but they don't work as well as the steel one-the don't seem to be as sharp. One of those "odd tools" that fits a niche.....

Where it is a steamy summer day and I am ticked off-the carpenter bees have invaded the rafters of my potter's shed!!!! I love bees, but not these! They make holes in the wood.
And my throwing days will take a hiautus because I have "guest artists" in the potter's shed as well. A pair of wrens decided that my brand new Axner 600 throwing wheel was so pretty, that they built their nest down in the pan! How they got into the shed, I will never know. So now their are 5 little wrens being raised in my shed....Think it's sort of nice....
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