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diana pancioli'w workshop

updated tue 28 jun 05


Linda Blossom on mon 27 jun 05

I recently hosted a workshop with Diana Pancioli in my studio. Diana is a
consummate teacher who knows her material thoroughly. She has put much time
and effort into extending the use of the extruder which is documented in her
excellent book "Extruded Ceramics." She not only extrudes parts of
handbuilt pieces to be made but has also worked out shapes to be used to
make molds for press molded forms. She covered the making of plastic dies,
hollow and solid, and many participants had a chance to make their own.
Each participant made a ewer of extruded parts, a textured roller for
impressing designs, and a large pot. Diana used extruded pieces to make a
form which she then cast to make a plate mold. She also covered the making
of plates using a mold that she brought with her. She covered the details
of press molds very well.

Diana has a broad knowledge of glazes and helped to reinvent the very
beautiful Pewabic glazes, reconstructing their formulas and firings from the
archives at Pewabic and through her own testing. She has executed several
Pewabic public art commissions. She is a wealth of knowledge and is all
teacher. If you want a hand building, mold making, extruder use, ceramic
history workshop I would highly recommend Diana. She is great company and
loves to cook so she is a wonderful houseguest as well.


New York