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2nd firing in my midland/minnesota flattop

updated tue 28 jun 05


Jon Brinley on mon 27 jun 05

Hello All
Well I have open the kiln for the second time=20
with just as good of results as the first firing. Maybe
even better in some cases. I got some oilspots where
I didn't expect them and some surprises where I expected
something totally different.

The Hamada Rust gave me some good oilspots. Mostly on=20
the inside of the pots. Johns Red went totally green(like lime green)
couldn't tell what happened with it. Just lime green. Got some good
reduction out of this firing. Clay bodies where all toasty. Iron =
speckles(local iron
nodules) went green, never saw that before.

This firing went a bit shorter than the first, only 9 1/2 hours. Shelf =
placement had=20
a lot to do with flame travel. I packed this a bit heavier than the =
Placement is everything.=20

I tried some flashing slips in this load with mixed results.
The chimney mouth and throat of the kiln are excellent for them in
this bastardized version of what would normally be a wonderful kiln.

Off to the coast off NC for a week.=20

Jon in Midland