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surfing with helen bates - june 24, 2005 - canada, denmark, usa

updated sun 26 jun 05


Helen Bates on fri 24 jun 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - June 24, 2005 - Canada, Denmark, USA

Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery (Waterloo, ON, Canada)
(Exhibition: "From Hands to Lips" - article, images of work in show,
PDF links to artist cv's/bios)

Mary Jane Lundy (East Dover, NS, Canada)
(Inspired by Palissy - fishes in houses under the sea)

Jørgen Hansen (Denmark)
(Kiln sculpture)
(Danish language text and one pot by Hansen)

"Elusive Glazes"American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA)(Pomona, CA, USA)
(The exhibition "Elusive Glazes" is running from May 14th through July
2nd featuring present-day temmoku variations, including "hare's fur,"
"tortoise shell," and "partridge feather" glazes from Clayart Moderator
"Mayor" Mel Jacobson, and Joe Koons.) (Clayarter Christy Johnson is the
Museum's Director)

(Carl Schoenberger's "The Kiln God Show" Exhibition at The George
Washington University is still on the claytimes site. Some other
hyperlinks previously posted may not work correctly, though, so use:
Carl Schoenberger's new website:

Jerry Brown Pottery ( Hamilton, AL, USA)
Jerry Brown Arts Festival, in Hamilton, Alabama

Jim and Nan (nee Bangs) McKinnell ((Fort Collins, CO, USA)
Jim died April 13, 2005, aged 86)
(Jim (James) McKinnell work that was up for resale in 2002)
(One piece each by Jim and Nan McKinnell)
(The Evergreen Gallery - Jim and Nan McKinnell Video)
(Pot by Nan McKinnell)
(Pots by Jim McKinnell) (Article on the pair)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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