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updated sat 25 jun 05


Lili Krakowski on fri 24 jun 05

The current Daedalus catalog, "New Arrivals Early Summer 2005" has an
unusually large number of books that might interest Clayarters. Among them,
a book called "Sex Pots", subtitled "Eroticism in Ceramics' by Paul
Mathieu, Owen Jones's rendition of the Psalms, a book on Milton Glaser,
"Crafting a Legacy" about contemporary American crafts in the Philadelphia
Museum, by Suzanne Ramljak.

If you do not know Daedalus (1-800-395-2665) a highly selective remainder
house, with amazing prices--you have a friend who has the catalog.

No, no kin, friendship, financial interest.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage