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updated fri 24 jun 05


Brian Haviland on thu 23 jun 05

OH-- element question

You need to go to and they may already have the
right elements made and in stock. If not you can usually give them
dimensions of original elements and they can custom make them for you. They
are very friendly and full of knowledge to keep you safe and running.


At 07:42 PM 6/21/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>our non-profit just had a lovely kiln donated to us-- a just-like-new Good
>Kiln Mfg. kiln from Piqua, OH. it is a model #18, 230 volts, 23 amps, 5200
>watts, and 8-sided. it needs new elements, though, and i cannot find any
>information on what type of element i should purchase, or who could supply
>them, or even anything on Good Kiln Mfg.
>i am hoping that someone out there could point me in a direction that could
>lead me to new elements-- the kiln is great, and it's the only one we have
>with a kiln sitter, but it doesn't fire past cone 1 and i know only the
>elements are to blame.
>any and all info is much appreciated! i can be contacted at
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