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pictures of some cone 6 pieces.

updated tue 21 jun 05


Randy McCall on sun 19 jun 05

All of these pieces were cone 6 fired electric.

The vase is nutmeg variation with redart instead of kaolin. Brushed about
three coats decorated with a Amaco turquoise stain.

The fluted vase is Bailey's red with the kaolin removed according to his
instructions (sprayed thin)also used crocus marti in the glaze instead of
rio. I sprayed a light coat of Amaco's salt buff over it. (very light) If I
brush a light coat of Bailey's red (above) I get a brown breaking metallic
copper. Must only use a thin coat, but you can't see the clay under the
brush stroke.

The face jugs are the same as above with a little heavier coat of salt buff.
The salt buff was cut in half with water.

The white vase and pitcher were glazed with a mixture of half RR/JH Majolica
and half GB/Kaolin/Silica (50/25/25 8%tin) mixture. This gave a very smooth
white glaze with some clay breaking through (nice glaze no pinholes or
bubbles and felt very smooth. I am going to try a 75/25 mix next time to
get it more opaque. Also with the decorated with turquoise stain.

I am trying this mixture as most of RR/JH glazes from the book when I try
them for some reason are having bubbles and pinholes expecially if I brush 3
coats.(I probably need to back off on the thickness) I have a manual kiln
and can't always slow cool or do some of the hold times. It seems to be
working so far. I usually put cone packs down and get a hard cone 6 down.
Waterfall brown does not have that problem in my mixes.

The blue vase is Floating Blue with just cobalt carbonate instead of the
cobalt oxide. Used an Amaco Christmas red over it.

Firing 9 hours electric with a hold at 2000 deg F for about 30 minutes.


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