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white cone 6 clay body tests. round 1

updated fri 17 jun 05


Ben Shelton on thu 16 jun 05

I have been doing some experimentation trying to develop a cone six white
throwing body to make dinner ware out of. I am shooting for low absorption,
normal shrinkage and good working character (aren't we all looking for that
in a clay body)


My first round of tests are posted at my fledgeling web page

Give it a surf.

As you look at the data you'll see that I was very simple in my selection of
clays and blends. I made half and half or 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 type blends of
clays. I hope to judge them for their working charteristics as i fire some
more tests for absorption and shrinkage tests.

As soon as my new element gets here I will fire to cone six electric and may
have some samples fired to cone 10 reduction by a friend to see what the
data shows.

In the end, I hope this data will benefit more than just me but who knows,
maybe it'll just be fun and educational to have done the tests.

Thanks to all at clayart for all the info that has allowed me to understand
how to go about making these tests. Ron Roy has posted some especially good
info on making absorption tests for clay bodies.