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thanks smith/sharpe/hay creek

updated mon 20 jun 05


mel jacobson on sat 18 jun 05

a special thanks to smith sharpe company in
minneapolis for their wonderful help with our
wood fired kiln project at hay creek.
they are a great company, of great people.

our kiln is going up very well. it is a beauty...and
for those that think i don't like arches...well, we have
a very pretty one on the fire box. i love arches.
of course very few can make an arch better than donovan palmquist.
right time, right place, the right kiln for it.

bob anderson fired the small stoneware kiln
with a load of iron saga pots he has made. i gave him
the protocol for gold.
of course bob got a load of gold.
tim frederich has a pitcher
that will knock your socks off. red/black/oil spot covered.
we used our temmoku 4 that oil spots like mad.

we do know how to fire kilns. and we are teaching tim how to
read cones...hehehehe. (tim worked for orton for years.)

from the farm/HAY CREEK