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sort-of poem and root-canal

updated thu 16 jun 05


marianne kuiper milks on tue 14 jun 05

Hi. I had a root-canal today and part of the 2nd. Made
a pot that's an embarrasement and thank you Bill- your
email made me feel better.
I want to send this to clayart because maybe someone
can associate with my non-poem thing.

the studio

Sun throwing its hues of gold
through the window
pernetrating the greys and browns
of my surroundings

greys and browns
exhuding odor and sound of the earth
touched by so many heands
ion search of expression and creation

the sun, innocently touching
illuminating and changing faces
of peaceful objects
reflects my mood

calm, focussed, satisfied
searching for what will come
from my mind to my hands
into the clay that has become mine

the sun's hues of gold
it's radiant warmth
from and to the earth
become the hues of my life

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