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riggs workshop excitement

updated sat 11 jun 05


Elizabeth Canupp on fri 10 jun 05

Hello Clayarters:

First I must confess my faux pas for my previous posts without first
properly introducing myself. I am a potter in Virginia Beach. I was
introduced to clay by a friend about nine years ago. She kept nagging me
to take a pottery class with her for a couple of years and I finally
accepted--really just to stop her nagging. I really didn't like it at
first because the clay was so unforgiving. I put fingerprints in my
pieces and then couldn't remove them which really frustrated me. Well, I
kept on with the lessons and for three and a half years I struggled to
center clay on the wheel. My instructor would say "this is how you do it"
and she would sit down and throw a bowl in about five seconds. There was
no verbal communication about the process. After that I took a class at
the local community college and I had an excellent teacher. I was
centering by the end of the first couple of weeks into the course. That
is when my passion for clay really ignited. I wanted to learn everything
I could about clay and I read and studied anything about clay or even clay-
related I could get my hands on (still do). Took all workshops that came
to this area--took all the classes at the local community college
(twice). Would have taken them again but you are only allowed to take
their classes twice. My husband bought me a wheel at one point in my
journey as a surprise birthday present. I then purchased a 20-year old
electric kiln (L&L). It works and looks brand new because the lady I
purchased it from never took it above cone 04 and it goes to cone 10.

On a personal note... Have been married 28 years and our oldest daughter
and her husband are expecting their first child--our first grandchild,
(Lily) on September 3.

I attended Russel Fouts workshop just before NCECA and Russel urged me to
read all the posts on clayart (which I do) so I guess I am considered
a "lurker" but I really consider myself a "learner" because I get new
ideas each day. Thank you Russel! I print out ones I might use later--like
the one today about digital cameras and all the latest discussion about
getting shinos brighter. I love this stuff! I love shino!

Oh, I almost forgot why I decided to send this email... I attended the
Riggs' workshop last weekend. What a wonderful experience and what great
people. My thanks to Charlie and Linda for my enlightenment and thanks to
Gail and Ed for hosting the workshop. Would love attend their salt firing
workshop but can't work it out.

In sunny Virginia Beach--dipping leaves out of the pool and watching the
herons soar above the bay.

Elizabeth Canupp