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organization of studio/shelves

updated sun 12 jun 05


Marcia Selsor on sat 11 jun 05

Costco/ Sam's maybe in NY/ has good steel shelves that assemble and
have coasters. very sturdy.
Marcia Selsor
On Jun 11, 2005, at 2:56 PM, Gretchen Morton wrote:

> Hi All
> Just recently a clay art gal talked about colapsing plastic
> shelves. I was feeling for her and the mess she had to clean up. I
> was also thinking about the work that I had to do to get back to
> doing things in the kiln and glaze mixing area (aka garage under
> house). I have a table full of bisque but no glazes that I love.
> My prayers were to organize the bags and bags of glaze making
> ingredients so that I could get started on some serious testing.
> It seems every time I start, something else happens (its called
> life) to make it hard for me to continue.
> Yesterday, I went into this area. Low and behold shelves along a 7
> foot stretch of a concrete block wall gave out. The shelves I was
> using was originally decorative wooden shelves that you put
> together with large wood turned spacers. The shelves themself were
> hollowed.
> To get back to the point. I need to get new shelving. Does anyone
> have any suggestions for something sturdy and not to complicated to
> put in this space. Also what would you consider the best
> containers to keep the glaze materials in. You have probably
> discussed this in length at some time, but since this just happened
> yesterday and I am busy cleaning up. I would appreciate some ideas
> on this.
> The amount of one or two of the ingredients is about 50 lbs, and
> the rest is mostly under 25 lbs so I don't think I need huge bins.
> I appriciate any thoughts you all have on this subject. I believe
> this is a wonderful, diverse, knowledgable group of artists with
> unbelievable talent. Thank you all for your generosity in advance.
> Gretchen Morton--In Soupy New York City suburbs.