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my complaint about shakerag workshops...

updated mon 20 jun 05


Annie Chrietzberg on sat 18 jun 05

my complaint is, there was nothing to complain about!

I'm in the airport killing time with my laptop. I spent an amazing
week at Shakerag. I took Sandi Pierantozzi's workshop with 19 other
participants. This is the best workshop experience I've ever had.
By the luck of the draw, every single person in our workshop was
delightful. We spent a week learning what we came to learn, getting to
know each other, and enjoying each others stories. There was so much
laughter & creative flow.
By Sandi's amazing grace & teaching, everyone, even the few with no
clay experience, made fabulous pots.
By the dedication of Claire Reishman and the rest of the Shakerag gang,
to education, the arts, eating well, and enjoying life, the program is
a resounding success, a positive experience, an essential delight.

I met some fellow clayarters there, and I hope they will chime in with
their experience.

I believe the website is Check it our for next
summer, and if there is someone whose work has inspired you, and you've
always meant to take a workshop with them, by all means, go!

ever yours,


Annie Chrietzberg
Ceramic Design Group
Steamboat Springs, CO