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****tip of the week/zen kickwheel******

updated mon 20 jun 05


Frank Colson on sat 18 jun 05

Did you ever pat your head and rub your belly in a circular fashion at the
same instant?
Did you ever take a drama class and be asked to be a teapot?
Did you ever place your body on a kickwheel with your hands on a piece of
clay but you couldn't define the difference between you, the clay, and the
wheel? All of it was simply one entity? That is Zen!

Why? You are but one universe in harmony with the clay, from which your own
body has emerged as dust from the cosmos. It is not a small
portion of yourself, your hands, which begins the process of centering at
the time you go into motion. It is the movement of the feet and legs
in motion which creates a rhythm through the body, clay, and wheel. The
rotating clay is opened as a thrust from the upper torso and
shoulder, not the hands alone! The hands are only part of the whole. As I
watch the rotating clay on the wheelhead, I have already visualized the
emerging shape it will become as I am the "teapot", I am aware of the open
space within before it becomes reality. I have already conditioned my
psychic to see through my fingers the force which is coming down from my
torso, through my arm(s) and directly
into the revolving clay, irregardless of size or weight. I can feel the
projection of my force directly through the weellhead, down the shaft
to my feet which provide the ignition which drive all forces into motion.
Rising up through my legs in an ever increasing thrust of power. Once,
having reached its zenith of this energy driven cycle, and the clay is
opened and blossomed into a form, there arrives a great gentleness of the
heart which brings me to a level of relaxation and a feeling of euphoria and
meditative relaxation. The entire experience can occur in a matter of
seconds, or many minuets. What has occurred in this process is that I have
become an element of quantum time as one; body, clay, wheel, and state of
mind. It matters not for I am in harmony with the universe! This, my
friend, is Zen and the Kickwheel.

I have no aversion to power wheels for I have and continue to use them to
this day. However , I do apply the same, unconscious. principal and state
of mind in their use as I have a kickwheel.

Frank Colson