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updated wed 8 jun 05


Frank Gaydos on thu 7 jul 05

Oh my!

I just returned from a five day intensive workshop with Lynn =
Munns,sharing all his production, handmade dinnerware secrets.
A nicer, more informed man you will not find.

Despite rain the first day we managed to do two large bisque and one =
major high fire gas reduction firing, enjoying the fifteen hour days in =
the studio producing functional ware. Kudos to Bruce Dehnert for keeping =
things on schedule and flowing smoothly.

I enjoy the Valleys short five day workshops as they don't require =
giving up all my vacation time. Two hours from New York and another 30 =
minutes from Philly make it very convenient.

The following ceramic courses may still be open:

Ceramic History and the Studio=20
Mary Barringer=20
June 10-12 (3 day)

Producing Work for the Anagama: Open Studio=20
Bruce Dehnert=20
June 17-21 (5 day) =20

Firing the Anagama=20
Todd Piker
June 22-28 & July 3 (8 day) =20

Pinching Together=20
Jimmy Clark & Paulus Berensohn=20
July 8-12 (5 day)=20

Thrown Porcelain- Attention to Detail=20
Tom Turner=20
July 15-19 (5 day) =20

Tile Making: an Exploration of Texture and Relief Sculpture Techniques=20
Karen Singer=20
July 22-26 (5 day) =20

Laser Printed Decals=20
SinYing Ho=20
July 29 - August 2 (5 day) =20

La Mia Ceramica (Majolica)=20
Nicola Boccini=20
August 5-9 (5 day)

Altering Surface, Throwing & Special Firing Techniques=20
Randy Brodnax
August 12-16 (5 day)=20

Pots for Wood and Salt=20
Blair Meerfeld=20
August 19-27 (9 day) =20

Paper Clay
Jerry Bennett=20
September 2-4 (3 day) =20

Letting Go=20
Bennett Bean=20
September 9-11 (3 day)

Also, be sure to check out the 'Special Topics' offerings.=20

Frank Gaydos

"Space is the breath
of art."
-Frank Lloyd Wright =20