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we're all lip off artists - art is what is done when you get out

updated tue 7 jun 05


Lee Love on tue 7 jun 05

of the way.

Cindy in SD wrote:

> Art involves creating something which is, in some way, original.

I prefer to see art as the process where we create something genuine.

It is important to be able to see the difference between art and
marketing. Yes, we all have to market but it is best to know what part
of our work is marketing and what part if for the Muse. Novelty is for
the market. Art as a commodity requires novelty. Consumption requires

But before modern times, and before the commodification of art and art
as an investment, the artist's main goal was to create something genuine.

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"With Humans it's what's here (he points to his heart) that makes the difference. If you don't have it in the heart, nothing you make will make a difference." ~~Bernard Leach~~ (As told to Dean Schwarz)