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rip-off artists...or which came first?

updated tue 7 jun 05


Mike & Diane on sun 5 jun 05

This is such an interesting subject. I am quite new to clay and have only
been copied was quite flattering.

But I'd like to interject a story about my husband's art. He used to be
quite well known in the polymer clay circle..Mike Buesseler. He came up
with amazing landscapes from Alaska, portrayed them through polymer caning
and taught his technique in workshops around the country. But then he found
the metallic clays and started experimenting with the laying of the mica

Unbeknownst to him another famous and familiar polymer clay artist was
experimenting at the same time, and finding the same results. Pier Volkous
was manipulating the metallic clay and taking to to the same dimension as

They got together while we were visiting friends in Berkeley and shared
their thought process as to how they got where they got. Amazing that
across 3 states they arrived at pretty much the same place at the same time.

The afternoon we spent with Pier was a definite meeting of the minds (at
least for her Mike). I think she was taking her experimentation into the
sphere of table tops while Mike was making jewelery that blew ones mind.

Diane Rae
Great Falls, Montana
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.