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handles galore=thank you!

updated sat 4 jun 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 3 jun 05

Greetings, all those who responded,

I am so grateful for the excellent suggestions I have
received. This moring I read (par example) Marcia's
and decided to do just that: make a cylinder and put
handles everywhere. not sure I can make it to a 1000
in a weekend @;-) but I can try.

Another thing (fun?) that came to mind and that might
be a fun project when teaching: make a plaque and
attach different type and differently ornate handles
to it, as a "sampler". So that will be #2 project.
Some day (soon).

Thanks again...and if you have info to add, please
keep it coming! I'll be lugging along.

And in Dutch-lish: howp yoo haaf a goot wan!

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