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funny story re: muck,fingers,handles,

updated sat 4 jun 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 3 jun 05

Oh boy...

I followed just about everyone's advice and Prepared
my First Pug Load.
I made nice, short handles and, as some suggested,
just stuck them on shelves and walls. I don't have
much (available) wooden space, so I just stuck most of
them on the door-sill, all the way around, some
"stronger" than others.

My 25 yo daughter Tjitske, Psy-D (Child-psychology)
student, unexpectedly walks in for the weekend.

Silence. Nailed to the ground.
Then: "WHAT THAH!....OK, Mom...I DON'T even want to

Muck-chuckles. Marianne

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