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enclosed forms and handles

updated mon 6 jun 05


Lori Richter on sun 5 jun 05

The following links will lead you to tutorials that we've been working =
on this past semester, oddly enough. We now have several 3-ring binders =
in our lab that any of the students can use for reference when faculty =
or other assistance is not available.

Our "manuals" include:

Throwing a Bowl, Trimming a Bowl, Throwing a Cylinder, The Enclosed =
Cylinder, Handles and the Two-Part Vase.

Link number 1 will take you to the Enclosed Cylinder (aka - Cylinder =
with Lid in One Piece). Number 2 is all about Pulling Handles and link =
number 3 shows the student a tip to practice the handles.

Only the first link has the copy added - the other two will be done =
sometime this week. =20

Take care,

Freeport, IL