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wedging/sculpture/colono indian ware was lili's ending w/wedging/kate

updated thu 2 jun 05


Kate Johnson on wed 1 jun 05

> KATE: What wedging method do you use? Cutting and slamming, and the
> method I described in a very recent post, what I spoke of as "fraisage",
> are
> very wrist sparing. As is ramshead wedging. The Japanese method of
> wedging is wonderful and all....but I find it a wrist buster. Try a
> combination, or switch from method to method....

Hi Lili! Yes, lots of slamming is what I use when I wedge at all.

Sorry I waited to get back into pottery till the old fingers and wrists were
getting wonky, but here I am and I'm stickin' with it! I seem not to have
the ramshead thing down, it still hurts. So does throwing. Bleh. I should
just SCULPT, which I do pretty well (she said modestly) with only a small
amount of wedging and NO throwing, very little stress on the aging bones--as
I said, I just use up my scraps making smaller sculpted pieces or elements
of a sculpture.

But I'm still fascinated by the whole 18th C. style of earthenware vessels
and so forth, and will continue as long as I'm able.

In addition I've been having the most interesting conversations offlist with
Clayart member Rick Bowman, who studies the Colono-Indian stuff and
recreates it, start to finish, with pit-firing. We've been discussing
various sources of raw clay, and I can't wait to get with a buddy of mine
who promises me some really sticky, gummy, plastic reddish stuff from his

Always a challenge, isn't it...

Kate Johnson

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