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surfing with helen bates - may 31, 2005 - usa and uk sites

updated wed 1 jun 05


Helen Bates on tue 31 may 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - May 31, 2005 - USA and UK sites

Katy McDougal (Atlanta, GA, USA)
(Fun handbuilt pots) (glazed terracotta?)

Bridget Drakeford (Fownhope, Hereford, England, UK)
(Elegant thrown Porcelain) (Some work is altered, and some has silver
or wood additions)

Melanie and Jonathan Huges-Jones (Pembridge Terracotta, Leominster,
Herefordshire, England, UK)
(Production studio making handthrown garden pottery) (Some pieces are
as big as the thrower!)

Kevin Burke (Reckless Designs) (Coleford, Gloucestershire, England, UK)
(Functional and decorative hand made [thrown?] and hand painted
ceramics) (Very colourful)

Sarah Monk and Jon Williams (Eastnor Pottery) (Ledbury, Hereford,
England, UK)
(Studio teaching potters whose personal work is fun and quirky [Jon]
and a bright wake-up for breakfast [Sarah])

Teresa Testa (Porcelain) (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
(Free-flowing porcelain vase forms inspired by floral and sea life)
Teresa has some good photos of her taking care to protect her lungs
spraying glazes, which she does out of doors, wearing a cartridge mask.

Carol Mann (Southwell, UK)
(Maker of porcelain, stoneware and terracotta miniature wheel-thrown
home and garden dollhouse pottery)
(Check out the bathroom pages for Carol Mann's thrown bathroom bowls.)
(A few of the "The Hughs at Home" episodes about a 1920's upper middle
class English family have Carol Mann pieces.)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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