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alfred / skidmore summer programs

updated sat 28 may 05


Sarah Prince on thu 26 may 05

marianne kuiper milks wrote on the 16th or thereabouts:
>I am going to Alfred University for the 4wk summer program, June 27
>- July 22. (Scratching days off on my calendar)
>Two questions:
>Is there anyone out there who did this or is going?
>Suggestions before I go?
>Are you expected to have plans for that time (pre-conceived
>ideas..??) or will it all be revealedto me in due time?

I'm kind of wondering the same about the Skidmore non-credit workshop
I've signed up for - I expected to be challenged about applying for
the "advanced and independent" section (I didn't so much care what
class I'm in as that I can get home by midnight and go to work the
next day) and therefore nudged to get more photos of my work online.
Nothing happened except an acceptance letter. I still do mean to work
with the photos and offer them up; and now that the sun sometimes
shines enough on the unheated amateur studios around here, I'm trying
to get a little throwing skill momentum going (it's still best to
keep the clay at home in a heated location & also bring a thermos of
hot water for washup at the studio).

On the way home from NCECA my mentor suddenly said, "you should go to
an Alfred summer session." YES! of course! but I couldn't see my way
to spending a whole month at the other end of the state, leaving my
active young dog with my 86-year-old mother, just when I'm getting
some good work history built up... then my psychotherapist mentioned
Skidmore, and it looks a lot more doable: 5 consecutive Wednesdays,
driving an hour & a half each way, making a day of it in a city with
museums, restaurants and shopping. I did get a look at the ceramics
department there on a Sunday afternoon that was the 3rd last day for
forming clay before the end of the spring semester, and it was a
wonderland of equipment (as well as hive of activity). 3 sources
agreed that studying with Regis Brodie, the head of the department
who is teaching most of the workshops, would be a great experience
for me.

Sarah S. Prince *
Keene Valley NY usa (a hamlet of 400 people near Lake Placid)

Gretchen Morton on fri 27 may 05

Hi Sarah,
Just curious -- Where is Skidmore located, is it in Albany?
What was the price of the 5 wednesday non-credit summer program?
Gretchen in down state N.Y.--Westchester Co.
Funds and health always seem to be limited.