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refiring sandblasted work

updated thu 26 may 05


Dan Saultman on tue 24 may 05

Hello everyone,

I have a glaze that is mottled matte green when thinly applied. (Cone
10 R).
But a dry black gun metal when thick.
I have two larger pots, bottles really, that I would like to experiment
with sand blasting the glaze, feathering the removal of glaze from
total to none. Thin to thick.

My Question is, can I expect a range of color similar to the green
matte glaze? Or will the black gun mental color remain the same? I
understand that glazes have their own inherent behaviors but given the
question of refired sandblasted glazes generally...will they frequently
refire with positive results?

Soon I will have the answers because I am going to try it. But it would
be helpful to hear from anyone who has tried this method before.
I will report back to you of my results.
Until then, keep potting.

Many thanks,

Dan Saultman

Lee Love on wed 25 may 05

Dan Saultman wrote:

> I have a glaze that is mottled matte green when thinly applied.

Dan, what oxides do you have in the glaze? I first heard of using
muratic acid to take the bloom off of oribe from Warren MacKenzie, who
learned it from Ken Matsuzaki. I wonder if this would effect your glaze

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