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updated wed 25 may 05


Lee Love on tue 24 may 05

Craig Martell wrote:

> Hello Vince:
> Bingo and thanks for getting to the real heart of the matter. I'm certain
> that's the main point and purpose of the book.

Phil Roger's book on ash glazes is what helped me get my start.

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"With Humans it's what's here (he points to his heart) that makes the difference. If you don't have it in the heart, nothing you make will make a difference." ~~Bernard Leach~~ (As told to Dean Schwarz)

Craig Martell on tue 24 may 05

Lee tipped us off with the following:
>Phil Roger's book on ash glazes is what helped me get my start.

Hello Lee:

I liked Phil's book a lot. I'd read Tichane's ash glaze book prior to
getting Phil's and I must say that I thought Phil's book was and is a lot
better. Phil has a more practical approach being a potter that uses ash

I had the pleasure of visiting Phil at his digs in Wales. I've heard that
he'll be in British Columbia this summer in Kelowna I think. I wish I
wasn't so busy because I'd like to go up there and take his course.

later, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon