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updated tue 24 may 05


Christy Johnson on mon 23 may 05

As a way of publically acknowledging their tremendous contribution to the
success of the "Iron Saga" exhibition, the American Museum of Ceramic Art
is posting the following notes written to Mel Jacobson and Joe Koons. The
museum is so impressed with their research on Temmoku glazes and the
resulting ceramic work - exquisite in every way.

May 20, 2005

Dear Mel,

On behalf of the American Museum of Ceramic Art may I offer our heart-felt
thanks for a spectacular offering of gorgeous pots and glazes. On behalf
of myself, it was a wild ride, ending with an exhibition far more
impressive than I could have imagined. So many of our guests on Saturday
night came to me saying, =93What will you do next? Each exhibit seems to
top the prior one. How can you beat what is here tonight?=94 And they are

The hands-on area is a big hit. The other two full-spectrum color lamps
arrived on Monday, and they have a magnifying glass attached. With the
light and enlargement, even the tiniest crystals show up amazingly well.

Many more years of happy potting,
Christy Johnson, Director

May 20, 2005

Dear Joe,

Iron Saga: Elusive Glazes is a BIG hit. You may not have been counting,
but we had about 100 members for your talk and film, followed by several
times that number for the official opening. It is hardly enough to say
thank you. Your time, energy, connections, and financial investment are
greatly appreciated. It is impossible to imagine a stronger advocate for
the museum than you have been. We will be forever indebted for your
generous nature.

The show has inspired us to reach new heights. We had a junior high group
in on Tuesday, about 30 kids. They loved the hands-on area (we now have
lights on all three pedestals.) Each student made a pinch pot (B Mix).
We will glaze them in Temmoku and fire them by the end of the school
year. The educational opportunities here are unlimited. THANK YOU!

Christy Johnson, Director